If you think YOu're Hacked, We Got your Back.

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South Windsor
Greater Hartford
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East Windsor
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East Hampton



New Haven, Clinton Greenwich, NY. 

East Long meadow & Springfield MA

**All other states & Canada: We only support Remote & Mail Repairs outside of the state of CT.

Computer Athletes Services

Remote Computer Care

for Home & Offices.

// UnlimitedCleanup

//  Our Services at a glance

☑️ 24/7 US Based Remote Tech Support 

☑️ Computer Hardware Repairs

☑️ Home Networking

☑️ Computer Store

☑️ Web-Cloud Services

☑️ Small Business IT

☑️ Expert Consulting 

☑️ Data Recovery Services

☑️ Technical Education 

☑️ New, Used & Refurbished Computers

☑️ We support most electronic products

☑️ Computer Recycling

☑️ E- Waste | Toner | Monitors

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Windows Repair USA


☑️ Help Hotline Services
☑️ Device Help and Simple Repair
☑️ Setup and Troubleshooting of a Home Network 
☑️ Tablet Configuration and Troubleshooting 
☑️ Printer Setup
☑️ Computer Tune-Up
☑️ NSA inspired PC Disposal 
☑️ Backup and transfer of data
☑️ Appointment Based Tech Support 
☑️ Email Configuration 
☑️ Service for Diagnostics
☑️ Installing the Operating System
☑️ Installing Memory
☑️ Installing and Troubleshooting Software
☑️ Reset Password
☑️ Data Recovery at Level 1 & 2 
☑️ Setup of a Pc 
☑️ Installing Hardware
☑️ Tuning Up Your Pc
☑️ Virus Removal from a Pc
☑️ Restore Files
☑️ Install Mobile Phone Guard
☑️ Setup of an Automated Cloud Data Backup
☑️ Install & troubleshoot programs such as Microsoft Office
☑️ Troubleshoot work from home issues (WFH)
☑️ Personal Training
☑️ Wireless Connectivity for Smart Appliances

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Protect your personal information and your home devices this winter as Windows 11 is coming out and support for older operating systems is near non-existent. Upgrade to Windows 11 before 2022. We charge per hour & include plans.

☑️ Password Recovery

☑️ License Key Recovery

☑️ Performance Tune-up

☑️ Clean Up Services

☑️ Monthly & Annual Plans

☑️ Optional Rate Per hour Services

☑️ Antivirus & Additional Security Bundle(s)

//    UnlimitedSupport
Every year

OR $49.99 Every month*
You have a tech geek at the click of a mouse.

computer athletes safety vest

//🖥️   Computer



If you think YOu're Hacked, We Got your Back.


☑️Scam & Pop Up Removal

☑️Free Diagnosis


☑️Laptop & Desktop PCs

☑️Virus Removal Services 

☑️MacOS & Apple  

☑️New PC Setup

☑️OS & Software Installs 

Computer Repair Service
Expertise over a decade 🧰🛠

"// Active Computer 🖥️ Care"
Computer Athletes LLC is a Manchester, CT-based small managed IT, service provider 🦺.

computer athletes safety vest


Computer athletes tablet power
Computer Athletes Computer Repair Service

// CybeRˣ +Support

Every year

☑️ UnlimitedSupport™ 👷🏻‍♀️


☑️  Anti-Virus💂🏻‍♀️

☑️ Spyware📹


☑️  VPN 🙈🗺️


☑️ Privacy Gaurd🐱‍💻|


☑️ Cloud Backup/Restore⛅

☑️ Password🔐 Manager.👨🏼‍💼

// Computer


💻 US Tech Geeks.

🐌 Slow Chrome? 🏐

🆓 Diagnosis.

🧓 Senior Friendly.

🏠 Home and Office.
🧰 Unlimited Support.


"If you think You're Hacked, We Got your Back." 

We will secure your network and clean your devices.

We specialize in New Computer Setup and Data Transfer* (On-Site in CT ONLY).


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Cloud Data Backup
Free Diagnostic Diagnosis
USA Remote Tech Support Help Desk US Computer Repair

Anti-Virus Data Backup Software.

Free Diagnosis &

Free Estimate.

National Coverage






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Get help now, we have flexible arrangments.

Hourly Plans VS Unlimited Plans.

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All Reps Speak English 🇺🇸.

Computer Atheletes

More Details.

☑ The average cleanup is anywhere from $150 - $350.

// Computer

☑ Unlimited Consulting & Education.

Figurine Doll Utility Workers working on a circuit

☑ These are typically per-hour services.



☑ Monthly plans provide better benefits over hourly services.

Figurine Doll Utility in scrubs, using a magnifying glass working on a motherboard
Computer Athletes Gold piggy, indicating the customer saves more with a monthly plan versus hourly
Computer Athletes Cleanup
Computer ATHLETES CT 860
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Computer Athletes US HELP DESK

UnlimitedCleanup™ ∞ ♻️

  •  No More Slow PC's, all year round. $299.99/yr or $29.99 Monthly.

  • Speed up chrome 🏐 and aid slow-downs 🐌.

  • Faster Boot & performance.

  • Remove Adware & Viruses. 🧼

  • Remove old software & remove files.

  • A safer computer for everyday use & productivity.


  • You have a tech when you need one .

  • Unlimited Consulting ∞ & Education.

  • Antivirus Protection (Highest Level Available) . 💂🏿

  • We improve the performance of your home network & devices.



CybeRˣ💊+ Support ∞ 🚨

  • Software + Unlimited Support.

  • Best Value. Lowest Cost.

  • Complete Antivirus  & Data Backup. ☁️ Protection (Highest Level Available).

  • Password Manager. 🔑

  • Privacy Guard (Tracking Protection).

  • Optional Personal VPN. 🔏



CybeRˣ 💊 Plus+™  ∞🚨

(Both Securi Nano &  ActiveCloud )

  • Antivirus & Cloud Data Backup.

  • Password Manager & Privacy Guard Included.

  • Optional Personal VPN.* 🛅

  • Optional ID/Dark Web Monitoring Services.* 🆔


SMALLbiz+™ (SMB+) ∞

  • SOHO & Small Businesses. 👨‍💼

  • Unlimited - Affordable - MSP Plan.

  • Msp+Security Package. 🚨

  • MSP plans are available for larger firms.*

LITESupport™ ∞ 🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏼

  •  $39.99 with monthly support plans.

  •  1X per Month Support without Security $399.99/yr. 

  • Prefers clean-ups but still has PC issues.

Per Hour'

  • Remote & Field Only' (HOUSE CALLS & OFFICE VISIT).



// Computer



      // Computer
    AthleteS LLC

Computer Cleanup

You get Unlimited Concierge, White Glove Customer Care. ☕

The Average Computer Repair is  about two hours of labor to get your computer & home network back in shape.  ⌚

Computer ATHLETES Manchester
  • Choose a Monthly Plan Or Annual Plan, as totals for an average repair cost around $150 - $300 (only includes labor). ⌚

  • Repair cost's, went up post Covid-19.

  • Good repair at great value is not easy to find anymore.

  • Reason being is IT & user support is focused on businesse(s), not the consumer (or Residential Client).

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 // Computer

AthleteS LLC


Computer ATHLETES Manchester Desktop Laptop
  • Annual & Monthly Remote Plans. ⌚

  • Reinstallation Services & Updates. 🔨

  • Computer Cleanup & Virus Protection. 🧹

  • Data Backup. ☁️

  • Internet Browsing Protection. 🔎🕸️

  • We install & troubleshoot most tech.

  • Stop hackers ❌ from accessing your computer(s) & network.

  • Technicians will educate 👨🏻‍🏫 you on best techniques. 

  • We will NOT ❌ judge you. We are friendly.

  • We have over ten years of experience ➓.

  • We support most popular brand printers 🖨️, scanners, and ✍ multifunction machines.

  • Secure Passwords. 🔐

We do this remotely, & if you live within a 30-mile radius we will drive to your residence.

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Figurine Doll Utility Workers working on a circuit & etc
Figurine Doll Utility Workers working on a power supply

Follow us on all social media platforms: computerathletes

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All Reps Speak English 🇺🇸

// Computer
AthleteS LLC

Computer ATHLETES Microsoft Scam
Computer Athletes Help Desk
Computer Athletes Laptop Repair
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Common Questions

We Get Asked..

What Email Services DO You Provide?

On any computer, smartphone, or tablet

All Platforms & OS's. 📱💻

What Operating Systems DO You Support?

All versions of Windows 🪟 & MacOS.

Apple  & Android too!

Features & Benefits our

Security/Cloud Software Includes..


1. Complete Antivirus Protection (Highest Level Available).
2. Data Backup for 1 PC ($100 Per extra device).
3. Password Manager.
4. Browser Guard (Hack Prevention).

*Optional  Personal VPN & Privacy Guard.

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All Reps Speak English 🇺🇸

We do this remotely, & if you live within a 30-mile radius we will drive to your residence.

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Computer Athletes Services


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