Cleaning Computer Keyboard

Every Month
with $100 One Time Setup Fee

  • Remove old software & remove files when probable* or else ED

  • Safer computer for everyday use & productivity

  • Fix Registry & fine tune windows/MacOS services



How often should you clean my PC?

To maintain a healthy system, we recommend at least every three to six months.


Our Process

Step 1: Remove Unnecessary Software. ...
Step 2: Free Up Space by Removing Files. ...
Step 3: Update Windows. ...
Step 4: Optimize Startup. ...
Step 5: Run an Antivirus Scan. ...
Step 6: Defragment Your Computer


Engine Check


How much does it cost to get My PC cleaned?

The average cleanup was anywhere from $75-125.

Get free cost estimates from Computer Athletes PC Repair Specialists near you so you'll know exactly how much you should expect to pay.