Senior Freindly
Library Tutor

We don't judge you, based on age. We understand you aren't comfortable with computers and will educate & guide you on best practices after each incident.

No Discrimination
Students in Library

You must be 13 or up to use our services (with guardians consent). We are "training wheels" that give you the final push. We are glad to assist you with issues. Although, we will train you, so you don't have to ask for help going forward. 

Helping Hands
Helping Hands

Have no shame. We Help with..


  • Browser won't close

  • Games do NOT work

  • Printing a file

  • Checking an email

  • Recovering missing files

  • Help Using Word

  • Attach Doc to an email

  • Setup Email

  • Print & View Photos

  • Move files to another computer & more