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In STore, Virtual,& Onsite Support options.




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You Can Drop Off In State
or Mail if out of State.

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Computer Athletes US Tech Remote Support & Mail

Only avalible with remote Plans.

Field (onsite)
In-House (drop off)
Remote (virtual /phone)
Mail-In (out of state)

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Removal of viruses, adware, and spam.

Service and repair in-house(our offices) or remotely.

Service On Site at your house

Out of state Fulfillment

Backup and recovery of data - (Using the Cloud or External Hard Drive)

Transfer information to a new computer or an external hard drive

Cleaning and tune-up up your computer

Windows 10 or Windows 11 Reinstall services

Hardware upgrades (SSDs, RAM, video cards, power supply, and other components)

Troubleshooting with wireless networking - (In home or small business)

Security for WIndows, MacOS & etc

Replacement of a cracked or shattered laptop screen

Setup of the printer (USB or wireless)

Access via Remote Session