What is a virus & How did I get one?

A virus is a form of harmful code or software that is meant to propagate from one computer to another.


A virus infects a legal software by injecting or attaching itself to it.

Malicious software, Trojan horses, viruses, adware, keyloggers and spyware can infect your local network via a variety of ways.

Unknowingly downloading from an innocent looking e-mail or url


As a extra program or browser extension to a previously installed software update


Visiting websites whose sole purpose is to steal your personal information or data (Unsecure Website)

Image by Dimitri Karastelev


How Do I know I have a Virus?

Pages you visit in your browser will be routed to other pages you did NOT intend (adware)

Your computer, mouse, or keyboard is unresponsive


Crashing for no apparent cause


Vicious Rebooting Cycle. - Cannot login or stay logged in.


Files go disappearing, or multiplying.


Error messages that are unusual


Adware / Popups


Issues with C:/ Drive or other drives



How do We Remove the Bad Stuff?

Disable & end any suspicious processes

Series of scans, cleaning your system


Proactive Detection

Scheduled Scanning